OS X Deployment

Does anyone have any advice on deploying the Zotero application for OS X? We have been trying to package the application using Casper/Jamf Pro but we are having difficulties after deployment, specifically the Data Directory Location.

Any advice appreciated.
  • we are having difficulties after deployment, specifically the Data Directory Location
    Could you say more about that?
  • Using Jamf Composer I install Zotero, set all the preferences required and the Data Directory is set to e.g. /Users/testuser/Zotero
    Composer then packages the application and FET (Fill Existing User Template) and FUT (Fill User Template) boxes are ticked.
    With these settings most, if not all packaged applications will apply any user settings as the application is launched. With Zotero it fails saying that it does not have read/write permissions to /Users/testuser/Zotero and suggests to use /Users/anotheruser/Zotero instead with the only options of Quit or Check for update.
    Ideally we would like to able to package and deploy the application so that who ever logs on gets the default settings for the application itself and has the Zotero Directory in the users Home Folder.
    Does this make sense?
  • You probably just want to make sure that there are no dataDir or useDataDir lines in prefs.js in the Zotero profile directory (which there will be after you run Zotero once for that user). Then Zotero will use ~/Zotero when it first starts.
  • If those lines are deleted will this remove settings like the resolver address, PDF indexing installation and Language (changed for US to UK) for example?
    Ideally we would like these set for all users if possible.
  • I've followed your instructions by deleting the 2 lines from /Users/testuser/Application Support/Zotero, repackaging, deploying and it seems to have done the trick!
    Your help has been much appreciated.
    Any tips on deploying via SCCM? ;)
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