Tips on how to transition from Zotero for FF to Z5? - windows? screen config?


I was just wondering how to transition from the FF to the standalone? If I could fit the standalone in a FF pane, it would be great! Any scripts? 3rd party software? Are there programs that fix position of windows from one session to another?

I've used Z for 7 years and now productivity is gone to the t with all these changes. That's a FF issue, and I understand the Z developer did the best in these conditions.

Thank you!
  • The easiest way to switch between the two apps is Alt+Tab. I honstely find this faster and less distracting than the Firefox pane view was.

    You can also arrange the two app windows to emulate the old Firefox pane view. You can arrange the two windows side by side easily using the Windows+Left and Windows+Right shortcuts. You can also resize them with the mouse to be stacked top and bottom.

    If you aren’t already, working with two displays on your computer so that you can have a browser (or Word Document) and Zotero open on separate screens is also a very nice setup.
  • @eric_f: See Switching Between Programs for more details. The key point is that you absolutely don't want to be moving windows around every time you switch between them.

    (We're also going to add the ability to choose the target collection from within the browser in the near future.)
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