Rebuild Index unresponsive

I was poking around in my preferences and noticed that the Index Statistics shows only 57 indexed files and over 1300 unindexed. I searched through the help forums to see how I might rectify this, and attempted to Rebuild the Index. However, when I click the button there is no immediate response. If I wait several minutes and then go back to the preferences area, I can see that the indexing has started but it gets stuck around 100 items and doesn't go any further. Here is my debug report ID: D1857188605.
I should note that searching actually appears to work fine; I have tried searching for a variety of terms in the search bar and have been able to locate things ok.
I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.
  • just today I decided to rebuild my Zotero index, because it wouldn't show in search results some of the notes I made. It was over 8 hours ago and the index is still in the process of rebuilding. I have just over 2.1k items and loads of pdfs, but still, it's crazy slow. Most of the time the write to the sqlite database is LESS than 0.5Mb/s. I have a new computer and it shouldn't be that slow. Can't work today because Zotero is now unresponsive.

    So my suggestion to you is this. If you are on Windows, hit the Windows key and "R". type "resmon" in the box and hit ENTER. In the Resource Monitor check the "drive" tab. If you have Zotero open and it is rebuilding index, you should see some continous action from zotero.exe and also if you sort the accessed files by reading access, you should see a number of (changing) entries from your Zotero folder. If nothing happens, try rebuilding the index once more, but be prepared to leave your computer on for HOURS...
  • @trashygap I would hold-off on rebuilding the index until you hear back from the developer team or an advanced user. If the indexing seems to stop at about the same file number, it could very well be a problem with that one file, and rebuilding won't help. I recall reading about something like that in the forums, maybe a search will bring up something.
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    @Daedhel I have the same issue with the search feature trough my indexed files. With the previous Zotero 5 versions, don't know wich one, I was able to find keywords quickly...
    Also, I was using Tags (lanista, slaves, ...) and trough the available sources, I was searching for keyword and everything was working great. but now, nothing appears in results... and all of these files are indexed...

    maybe someone knows what I can do to restore the feature, this is very important to me cause I'm working on a research trough over 600 files.

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