zotfile "Send to / Get from Tablet" and Group libraries (Reference # 1327993371)

Zotfile's "Manage Attachments / Send to Tablet" and "... Get from Tablet" is not working for items in Group libraries.

This is expected behaviour, or so it seems, as there's a comment "Selected item is in group library" instead of the expected menu items "Send to.." / "Get from..." (which I do see in my personal library). Might have to do with the impossibility / difficulty of setting symbolic links to items in group libraries, which is discussed in the Zotfile forum.

BUT: why is it necessary to set a link? It should be possible to just COPY the attachments to the "Base Folder" that you set for "Location of Files on Tablet". Wouldn't that solve the problem? You'd need a bit of disk space, but who cares?


  • I agree. It makes no sense to prevent tablet syncing with group libraries. Any workaround?
  • Also following - seems nonsensical.
  • I can see that keeping annotated copies of pdfs in a group folder, could cause all kinds of problems. You may not want other group members to be able to see you're annotations... The easiest workaround for now seems to be to keep copies of the content of group libraries in your own space.
    However, I first didn't understand why the 'send to tablet' option wasn't there, and without this helpful discussion, would still be puzzled;-)
  • It’s not a deliberate choice. It is a limitation of Zotfile’s current reliance linked files (which aren’t available in groups for technical reasons) for its tablet feature. It could potentially be adjusted, but the developer of the Zotfile plugin has not been available to develop new features recently.
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