Memory consumption - Firefox

My Firefox, with a moderate numer of tabs (4-5) open and the Zotero plug-in (and nothing else) installed gradually eats up memory. This goes on to the point that it becomes unresponsive or freezes.

Firefox always points to third party plugins. From a scan of the posts here the impression is that Zotero should not lead to this problem. Has this been actually tested by developers (i.e., comparing the memory consumptions of a clean install of Firefox with one with a reasonable sized Zotero database etc. installed?).

I am getting a bit tired of everyone pointing the finger from their corner. Firefox is known for these problems but it would be usefult to have a Zotero take on this.
  • Given 5.0/FF57, this is pretty much a moot point. I don't think it's really worth going into at this point.
  • While I follow your point i.e., both recent releases(?) and so untested this is not that reassuring.

    The Firefox issue has been an absolute pain and the reason I stopped using the browser for a while. Opening Firefox and then coming back to a half dead computer and a non functioning browser is a huge irritant. Chrome also become unresponsive with all the Google functionality. I just want a stable browser :)

    I am hoping Zotero would be more active in terms of planning to test this issue so that, if needs be, the issue can be dumped fair and square on Firefox's table.
  • In case that wasn't clear -- it's pretty much certain that the 5.0 connector for Firefox won't cause any memory issues (that was, after all, one of the major reasons Firefox changed to the new add-on framework).
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