Support for 'find full text' and HCI format

Hello, I appreciate these guys who developed Zotero. Zotero helps me a lot.
Two questions want to ask:
1. If these any plan for supporting 'find full text' just like Endnote?
2. I used the software 'HistCite' to analyze these literature and the format this software can only export (as I know) is the '*.hci' file. I want to ask how can I import the file into Zotero.
A sample file is here:

Thank you very much
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    1) This feature is planned. There is, in fact, code written for it that is awaiting final review and integration (no ETA on when this might be finished).

    2) That file is formatted using the Web of Knowledge ISI format. Neither Zotero nor any other reference management tool I'm aware can import that. You might try seeing if Endnote can import it (I don't believe it can); if it can, you can export from Endnote as .ris or Endnote XML, then import into Zotero. See a discussion here:

    You could also manually change the record into a RIS file by using find-and-replace to change the tags (and codes if need be). For example, you would search for "PT J" and change it to "TY - JOUR". You would search for "TI " and change to "TI - ". And so on. Note that every record must start with "TY - " and end with "ER - ". Also, RIS requires each line to have a tag, so you will need to add tags to the beginning of the lines for second+ authors, editors, etc. In general, this should all be a relatively short process.

    The RIS spec is here:

    Actually, it looks like the Publish or Perish program might be able to import this format and then export to various more useful ones.

    @adamsmith Looking more into this format, it looks to be fairly well-structured and would be reasonably easy to write an import translator for it--perhaps as a modification of the RIS translator.
  • I just ruled out export. Import we are already doing in the context of isi, so that m, just requires turning it into a separate translator
  • Thank you guys and I look forward to the new feature and the translator.
    One more suggestion:
    Add Tag for feeds just like 'Rules' in
    For example, I could add a regular expression for a rule and name the rule as 'abc', once a feed in my subscribed journal has a paper matched the rule, I can get it without manually check all these feeds. And I hope the feeds could support pictures like TOC picture as I can see in
  • I honestly doubt that adding advanced features to feeds is a priority, I'm afraid.
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