Changed Zotero account - without backup

Hi everyone

Maybe someone has an idea how to solve the following problem which
I have gotten myself into:

I just registered on Zotero with a second account, so I could create an entire
library that I could share with a group and collaborate in it.

Then I made the following major mistake: I signed out on my main, first account
in the app on my computer to sign in with the second one. All forgetting, that my
library has not been synced with the online account in two years, because I did not
buy a storage upgrade.

Everything that I have collected and maintained in two years has gone, now that I
logged in with my main account again.

Is there any chance that those information is wandering about in my computer, somewhere, that I could retrieve it, somehow?
At this point, I would go above and beyond, just to try to recover as much data as
I possibly can.

Has anyone an idea where the data (all the titles, the pdfs, the folder organisation) lies on the computer, when the library is not being synced with the online storage?

Maybe somebody even has made similar experiences.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  • no harddisk back-up, either?
  • Unfortunately I was not able to find it on the HD backup. Now, some years later, I sold the device and had it checked extensively beforehand; nothing there. Tech said it must have been replaced when I opened up the new Zotero Account :/

    Advice for everyone: Do not register numerous times anywhere, if not absolutely necessary. Creates chaos and confusion. There sure is another option how to collaborate with others in a library without having to open a new account!

    Next time, I will read instructions and options more carefully. *sigh*
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