DAV-pocket and Google Drive?

Hi, I'm new to Zotero and am trying to setup WebDAV to use with my Google Drive. However, I've attempted to set up an account at DAV-pocket as recommended by Zotero documentation (https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/webdav_services). The only problem is, every time I try to sign up for an account at http://dav-pocket.appspot.com/ I get a 500 error saying the operation can't be completed.

I understand that Zotero cannot offer support for 3rd party services, so my question is, does anyone using Zotero actually use DAV-pocket for syncing files? Can anyone verify that DAV-pocket is functional? If not, perhaps the Zotero documentation should remove the Google Drive entry or provide alternate instructions if Google Drive can be used for syncing.

Thank you for the help!
Ben Snyder
  • If my experience, Google Drive really doesn’t play well with third party WebDAV services. You could try this one:

    Otherwise, Box.com seems to work well as a free WebDAV solution.
  • I'd also like to add that I've recently tried setting up an account through DAV-pocket and also receive the 500 error. I reported it to the site, but it seems to be abandoned. It might be worth adding a note about this to the Documentation page.
  • I have the same experience. It's not possible to set up an account on DAV-pocket.
    But the Zotero-Documentation also seems to be abandoned.
  • The page isn't abandoned, but as it says at the top, it's not Zotero documentation. It's a crowdsourced list of what people have been using and notes on that.
  • I'm updated the details of the Google Drive page to note the issues with DAV-pocket.
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