Zotero connector fail to download attachment on cairn

When I try to use the connector to add https://www.cairn.info/revue-sociologie-de-l-art-2012-3-page-111.htm#s1n2 to Zotero the PDF is not downloaded.

This article's PDF is freely accessible so it's not a problem of access right, manually downloading it works.

The Debug ID is D1552168978.

My system:
Zotero 5.0.24
Firefox 57b
Zotero connector 5.0.25
  • The problem is the re-direct. The pdfurl they give us is https://www.cairn.info/load_pdf.php?ID_ARTICLE=SOART_021_0111 which leads to another page which then triggers auto download. We can see if we can replicate that in Zotero, but it's unfortunately not trivial.
  • The connector/zotero (I don't really understand if the problem if it's Zotero or the connector that is taking care of that) shouln't follow a couple of redirection?
  • The problem is that this isn't a redirect in the technical sense (I wrote that quickly), which would work, but opening a new page that triggers the download (I believe via javascript). So when Zotero gets the command "download the page as PDF" it does just that and downaloads the page that you see when you click on https://www.cairn.info/load_pdf.php?ID_ARTICLE=SOART_021_0111 and then discards it because it's not a PDF.

    Almost certainly doable, but it needs to be coded explicitly.
  • edited November 4, 2017
    Oh I see. So I just contacted cairn on FB, will see if they are ok to fix that on their side. I feel that if they want to force the download of the PDF they should use the "download" attribute https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_a_download.asp and if they want to show a paywall on some article they should use a HTTP redirection. Using JS and opening page in "background" seem wrong and dated tricks.
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