Zotero 5 : Ghost tags

I haven't been able to find this anywhere in the forum. I'm using 5.0.25-beta on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I find that when I delete tags from an item that it does not disassociate the item from the tag. If I select the tag, the (now untagged) item will be selected and display in the main pane. The item is greyed slightly, and the still-tagged items are dark black. This isn't a big deal (partly because I hardly use tags) but if it's affecting others it be confusing.
  • this sounds like you may have the same tag applied to a note or attachment of that item -- greyed out items in a selection generally mean that they are not part of the selection but a parent or child item (or for attachements&notes, a sibling) is.
  • Thanks. That was it. I didn't notice that attachments can be tagged separately.
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