Can i change the sort order of report for Zotero 5.0?

I want to change the sort order of report, so i found this url
but i find this "Note: Zotero 5.0 opens reports in a window without address bar or right-click menu, which means that several features on this page cannot currently be used.". So if i want to sort, what can i do? Thank you!
  • If you generate a report from a collection, Zotero will use the sort order of the columns for the report. (It looks like notes aren't being properly sorted by title that way, so we'll fix that.)
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    "When a report is generated from a collection rather than from items selected in the center column, Zotero by default uses the order in which the items are shown in the center column." - is that still limited to the fields available for sorting in the URL method?

    I created a report (from a collection) and could not get it to sort by Year, even though I had the collection sorted by the Year field. Is that a bug and if not, can we have that feature in a future version?

    I used Date and that worked, but I typically do no have the Date column displayed because the month and day information adversely affects onscreen readability.
  • Thank you guys, hope Zotero better and better.
  • @gurdas: I can reproduce that. Issue created.
  • @dstillman As generating a report from a collection is the only way to sort it at the moment, would it be possible to add the generate report option to the Library right-click menu (to generate a report for the full library)?
  • It would be really handy to have the sort by year option!
    @dstillman: Is there any progress on solving the issue?
  • @emilianoeheyns has revived his report customizer tool -- I haven't looked at the updated version yet, but I'd assume that either already has a sort option or he'd be willing to add one.
  • Sort and edit has been implemented! And the UI is better than in the 4.0 version I think (not that that is a high bar to meet)
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    Great, thanks @emilianoeheyns

    I tested with 5.0.14. The add-on page says, "In the generated report, click the pencil to remove remove fields and change the order and sort. The back arrow reset all current edits, the erase-all (three lines) resets all to default. If the save icon appears that means there are unsaved changes."

    I can confirm these work:
    1. Pencil icon makes fields available for removal
    2. Back arrow and slanted 3-lines work as mentioned
    3. Save icon works as mentioned

    Need help with:
    1. How do I change the order of the fields? For example, I want the 'Publication' field to be displayed before the 'Volume' and 'Pages' fields. Or, that's not an available feature?
    2. If I create a new report from the same collection, the report has the same settings as the last one. Is this "memory" part of the save button functionality?
    3. The folder accompanying the saved .htm file has a "report-customizer.htm" file in it. What's the function of this file? I was able to delete it and did not see any change in my report's .htm display.
    4. The sort by Year is still broken, and this is possibly a Zotero thing and nothing to do with the report customizer.
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    1. You can't currently change the field order. That's something I'm still looking at.

    2. That memory is exactly what "save" does.

    3. That's a helper script that is used to save the settings. You can remove that safely; you can also just save the report as "web page, HTML only" and it won't be saved in the first place.

    4. You can click in-report on the "A-Z" icon and it will sort the report, but I currently see it's not always normalizing the date properly. The sort order set in RC will override any sort order from Zotero.
  • v5.0.18 adds field reordering a a few other fixes. Saving the report currently doesn't work (I'm still looking into that), but printing (to PDF eg) works.
  • I can't seem to get the extension to work. It installs, but there are no new tools. I would just like to change the sort order of the report from alphabetical to chronological, as discussed here:
  • The extension hasn't yet been updated to work with Zotero 6.
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