Can i change the sort order of report for Zotero 5.0?

I want to change the sort order of report, so i found this url
but i find this "Note: Zotero 5.0 opens reports in a window without address bar or right-click menu, which means that several features on this page cannot currently be used.". So if i want to sort, what can i do? Thank you!
  • If you generate a report from a collection, Zotero will use the sort order of the columns for the report. (It looks like notes aren't being properly sorted by title that way, so we'll fix that.)
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    "When a report is generated from a collection rather than from items selected in the center column, Zotero by default uses the order in which the items are shown in the center column." - is that still limited to the fields available for sorting in the URL method?

    I created a report (from a collection) and could not get it to sort by Year, even though I had the collection sorted by the Year field. Is that a bug and if not, can we have that feature in a future version?

    I used Date and that worked, but I typically do no have the Date column displayed because the month and day information adversely affects onscreen readability.
  • Thank you guys, hope Zotero better and better.
  • @gurdas: I can reproduce that. Issue created.
  • @dstillman As generating a report from a collection is the only way to sort it at the moment, would it be possible to add the generate report option to the Library right-click menu (to generate a report for the full library)?
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