Wiley Interscience broken

The Wiley Interscience translator seems to be broken.
e.g., http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/122306789/abstract

Zotero 1.5b2.1/Firefox 3.0.10/WinXP
error-id: 620083002
  • The Wiley translator should now be fixed. Your copy of Zotero should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Now in the General pane of the Zotero prefs.
  • I thought at first the update fixing this didn't work, but it did after I restarted FireFox. Is a restart always required after a translator update?
  • A colleague of mine and myself experience problems (can't import items anymore) with EBSCOhost too (same config as igw).

    Does anybody needs more information about the problem to get it fixed?
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