Loving 5.0.24 on MacOS

I've been using Zotero for ten years of rock solid, stable work. The updated design for 5.0.24 on MacOS is very nice. Only minimal, subtle differences, but it makes a big difference. Much more polished.

For the first time, Zotero almost seems native to the Mac.

Well done.
  • For future releases, use of the Apple system font San Francisco, which I think they've made available to all developers, would be nice too, but perhaps this contradicts the open source nature of Zotero.

    Just something to make the hundreds of references more readable as I scroll down my library page.

    But this is window dressing -- just super happy with Zotero. It's followed me from Linux distro to distro, to Windows, to the Mac and has never let me down, nor lost stuff, or become unstable or corrupted in any way.
  • I wish there is an option from which I can choose any other font-family.
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