Random highlighting while typing notes

This is related to Report ID 53316951

I just upgraded 5.0.24.

When typing notes in the far left column, Zotero behaves as though I am selecting the note object in middle column of my Zotero window.

This halts my note taking abruptly and seemingly randomly
  • I'm not clear on what you mean by "typing notes in the far left column" -- is that just a typo and you mean far right? Otherwise, could you explain?
  • While it shouldn't cause this, does it help if you disable file syncing in the Sync pane of the preferences? (You're at your file sync quota, so you're repeatedly getting an error about that when auto-sync kicks in. You could also try temporarily disabling auto-sync, but that shouldn't be necessary. Once we figure out what's causing this, we can fix it.)
  • Thanks to both of you!
    @adamsmith -- yes! I mean far right column
    @dstillman -- I'll play with the syncing and auto-sync and see if it changes matters.

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    I'm having this exact problem. I'm typing in the Notes pane, and the Notes pane will lose focus without warning, and be replaced with the "There are [#] items in this view" message. At first I thought I was accidentally clicking on the Items pane with my hand on the track pad, but it does it by itself, and at inconsistent intervals. I tried disabling Auto Sync, and that did not fix it. Editing the note in a separate window elicits similar behavior: The cursor/insert location jumps back to the top of the text box, interrupting my typing. The trouble started right after I upgraded to 5.0.24. I'm puzzled.
  • I also have this exact problem. I can hardly type notes any more.
  • If you're seeing this, can you provide a Debug ID that shows it happening? (Temporarily disabling auto-sync first would be helpful.)
  • I have reproduced the problem and sent in the debug results with ID D534789272.
  • Same. My debug ID is D565612878.
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