"Already in library" warning for "Save to Zotero" button in browser plugin?

It would be very useful if the Zotero browser plugin would change the "Save to Zotero" icon to warn the user if the are about to save an item to their Zotero library that is already there, creating a duplicate. Ideally, the icon could then be clicked so that the corresponding item in Zotero standalone would be highlighted and/or opened.

(I use Chrome, but presumably this would work for any browser plugin.)

I have a large library, and I often can't remember if I've already saved a given paper to it. In addition, sometimes someone sends me a link to a paper which I *know* is in my library; I'd like to quickly open the PDF version in my library, rather than the clean one on the journal/arxiv website, because I'll have saved comments on the PDF.

Obviously, there is some ambiguity over whether the item on the webpage is the same as the one in the library. False-positives could be easily dealt with by simply having an option to "save anyway" available by right-clicking on the browser plugin icon. The duplicate detection feature already exists on Zotero standalone, although perhaps extending this feature to the browser is difficult.
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