How do I supress the URL in notes and bibliography?

I do not want URL data in my notes or bibliography, except in those rare cases that a source is only available via URL. Do I need to go through each citation and eliminate the URL entry, or is there some way of suppressing the URL in all notes, all bibliography? I'm using Chicago Full Note. I tried it with Chicago Note and that did not solve the problem.
  • Is that with Zotero generating the notes and citations or using a different system?

    Zotero treats URLs as non-existent where articles have page ranges. For all other items, Zotero assumes an item refers to an online source where a URL is in the item data, so if those URLs don't refer to an online version, you should probably indeed delete them as citations will come out incorrectly in all other styles too.

    It is obviously possible to edit citation styles to never print URLs, though as with all things Chicago Manual, a little more involved here.
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