Lost links on new computer

edited October 26, 2017
I have used Zotfile on a Windows 10 computer to move hundreds of attachments to a Google Drive folder, with links in Zotero. I recently got a new Windows 10 computer, and (using zotero 5) the links no longer work. (New ones work ok, but the old ones are broken.) The problem probably is that my user name on the new computer is different from the old one, which means that the path to the Google Drive folder is different (since the user name is part of the path). I tried to insert \%userprofile%\ in the "custom location" path in zotfile preferences, but that doesn't do it. Is there any way to restore the links? - Thanks.
  • You can use the Zutilo plugin to batch change the links from the old path to the new one.
  • *After* fixing the links to Zutilo, you should set your google drive folder as the relative path base directory in the Zoter preferences, which will prevent this problem in the future.
  • Thanks! That works (for a trial sample, anyway...).
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