Group library not showing up (Report ID: 198634382)

Report ID: 198634382

I created a new group library. However neither the group nor the library is showing up in my Zotero standalone installation (version 5.0.23 on Mac). I don't get a sync error and in the debug log neither the group ID nor its name are showing up, will other groups are showing up and are syncing just fine.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new private group.
2. Add some items and folders to the group's library via the web interface.
3. Sync local Zotero installation.

No error message is appearing.
  • Just to be sure, you have entered the same Zotero account information on and in the standalone app, correct?
  • Yes I could have mentioned that. I entered the same credentials.
    Furthermore, the group and its library are showing up on my iPad in the app Papership.
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    If you go to the Sync pane of the preferences and click "Choose Libraries…", does the group show up, and is it selected? (New libraries should be by default.)

    If it doesn't show up, can you provide a Debug ID for a sync?
  • Yes the library is selected. Unselecting it, restarting and reselecting it doesn't help.

    The Debug ID is: D954535742
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    If you go to the Advanced pane of the preferences and click Config Editor at the bottom and paste in 'librariesToSkip' (without quotes), does anything show up? If so, what is the value on the right-hand side?
  • Also, it shouldn't be necessary, but what happens if you make a change to the group metadata (e.g., the group description) online and then try again?
  • In the Config Editor the value shows up as follows:

    I reset the value but the library still doesn't show up.

    I already changed the name of the library and now the description again with no effect.
  • Could you temporarily disable auto-sync and then provide a Debug ID for the first sync after changing the description?
  • Sure. The Debug ID is: D789142139
  • OK, could you install the latest 5.0 Beta and generate another Debug ID for a sync with that? That will hopefully give us some more info on what's happening here (though this may take a few tries).
  • Thanks for trying to help me :)
    The Debug ID is: D899997420
  • Great, thanks — looks like there was a bug when you have an archived group library in your database. This should be fixed in the latest 5.0 Beta, and the fix will included in 5.0.24 soon.
  • Thank you very much. It's working with the latest beta.
  • 5.0.24 is out now with this fix.
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