Takes forever to retreive snapshots

When I make a snapshop of a website it saves to Zotero no problem. When I doubleclick the snapshot, it browser page is blank for like 20 seconds and then it displays the snapshot. Is that normal?

The path in the browser is

  • Generally or for that page specifically?
  • Sorry, generally.
  • If you navigate to the file in your operating system (by right-clicking in Zotero and choosing View File) and open the snapshot page from there, is it still as slow?
  • weird. Which browser does that default to?
  • Yeah, to be clear, Zotero is just saving an HTML file and auxiliary files to disk — at the point that you open it, it doesn't have anything to do with Zotero, and it should be instantaneous. So if it's slow, that's due to something about your system (if F: is a network share, likely file access speed).
  • It defaults to Chrome. I also have Firefox, as I am a long term Firefox user but a few months installed Chrome to give it a shot. But default is Chrome for the extension.
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    @dstillman yeah i get ya.

    C: is my system drive (ssd)
    My 2TB hdd is split into D, E, F partitions.

    I have placed it into F: It shouldn't cause any delays. That disk can transfer around 70MB/S
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