échauffement de mac

J'utilise Zotéro depuis un moment. J'ai récemment installé Zotéro 5 pour Mac, et après chaque j'utilise zotéro, mon mac devient très chaud. Si j'étenids zotéro, ça devient normal. Est ce qu'il y une solution pour résoudre ce problème.
  • Check Activity Monitor to see if Zotero is using a lot of CPU. If so, Help -> Debug Output Logging -> View Output to see if Zotero is doing anything, and if so submit the output after a minute or two and post the Debug ID here.

    Otherwise, if you have a MacBook Pro with a discrete GPU, there's a known issue where the GPU can turn on after saving from some websites and stay on until you restart Zotero, but that's unlikely to cause this kind of heat.

    (Feel free to respond in French.)
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    Hello, I am reporting the same problem from my MacBook Pro (with a discrete GPU). My system goes up to 70/71 degrees (according to smcFancontrol) while raising the fan speed close to max, when I am using Zotero. It doesn't occur the entire time when I have Zotero open, but pretty much every time that I open it, it occurs at least once or twice.
    Is my library too big or could the pdfs cause any trouble somehow?

    My Debug ID is D1668741159. I had the Debug Output Logging run for like 10/20 minutes, but only the last 2-5 minutes should be relevant for the rise of temperature, I suppose. Looks like it is somehow linked to the synching of my library. I just added a few words in a note, but apparently it synched more than a hundred files, so I don't know, why it does that...
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