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I'm editing a chapter that was prepared by others and began with the tedious process of importing all existing references into a particular collection. Now that I am inserting the citations into the document, I don't want to accidentally pull a reference from somewhere else in my (rather large) library. Is there a way to limit the references within a certain document to a particular collection in my library? Thanks!
  • You can use the Classic View in the Word Zotero plugin to browse to a specific collection and search/select from there. Either click on the red Z in the standard dialog or switch to the Classic dialog by default in the Cite pane of Zotero preferences.
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    Hmm that seems tedious as I prefer the simplified dialog and simply typing in the author's name. Would be nice IMO if we could limit from within the document preferences somehow.

    EDIT: I guess the classic dialog is not so bad once you get used to it. :)
  • I too much prefer the default Quick Citation dialog. Browsing as in this case is the only feature missing from it—some form of that will be added in a future update.
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    Well, as a quick update, when you begin typing (an author or a title, etc) and matches populate, they are listed under "My Library". It would be great if it could also display which collection they are in. Alternatively, once the results have populated, you could offer some sorting "column headers" - by collection, date, or author, for instance.
  • Select the collection from the left pane, just like in the Zotero app.
  • Sure, that would be nice. I rather the like the idea of sorting options along the top of the list of results as well though.
  • The issue there is that an item can belong to many collections, so it doesn’t work as a sorting column.
  • I understand. I meant that in addition to the collections on the left, it would be nice to have sorting options along the top (Title, Author, Year), similar to the way they are displayed in Zotero Standalone (except a bit more simplified).
  • I see. A future update adding browsing to the Quick Citation dialog is likely to simply using the Zotero window itself (though no firm details have been set here yet as far as I am aware).
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