Sync conflict bug

We are two using simultaneously zotero with the same account but on two different computer (each of us has its own locals zotero.sqlite but we are logged into the same zotero account)

We sometimes open/modify the same note, at the same time, and thus we get a sync conflicts.The items chosen in this conflict popup (either the local or the remote) isn't the one that is loaded in the note after the sync is done.

For example, if I chose in the popup of the sync conflict the local note and wait a bit for the sync to complete, then the note is changed to the remote note.

  • If you haven’t already, update both computers to Zotero 5, which is much better about avoiding sync conflicts. Then post back here if you’re problem persists.
  • But two people simultaneously editing the same note is necessarily going to be tricky, no?
  • Yes, editing the same note at the same time isn't going to work well regardless, though with Zotero 5 and auto-sync enabled syncs should be more frequent, which will help avoid conflicts.

    But for the reported issue, if after upgrading to Zotero 5 you find it not saving the side chosen in conflict resolution and can reproduce that reliably, let us know.
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    Sorry I forgot to say that both of us are on zotero 5. The sync problem happened many times with zotero 5. We don't expect all the changes we make simultaneously to be saved as we understand that zotero won't merge the notes, but only ask us to choose one version or another. Also sometimes, one of us simply open a note without modifying it (while the other makes the edits) and we still have this bug. So problem isn't there.

    The problem is that the note we select in the conflict popup isn't the one loaded after the sync.
  • It happened again. I chose a local note but the remote note was loaded/saved. My colleague still had the note opened when I did the choice in the sync conflict popup, so it may be why the bug is triggered.
  • Sorry about that — I can reproduce this, and I'm working on a fix.
  • This should be fixed in 5.0.24, available via Help -> Check for Updates.
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