book price

I want to collect references for an order at a library. Zotero does not record book price. Is there any way to get it to do so? I have started manually entering price in the "rights" field. That would be OK, but in either case I can't figure out how to sum all items in that field or export that field to some format that can sum the items. Can anyone help?
  • It might be possible with a custom citation style, but I couldn't find the mapping of the rights-field in the Citation Style Language, which would be needed for this to work.
  • Zotero isn't really designed for this (what would "price" mean for a Zotero item?). What you probably want is some way to export as CSV, and then import into a spreadsheet. But I don't believe that's possible.
  • I would be interested in this as well... I use Zotero to manage my scholar references and also I manage the acquisition book requests of my university department. Formerly I used Zotero and stuff like Booxter and Book Collector, but now I am using Zotero only for the convenience of managing my entire references in a single and integrated place. I am using "rights" to store the price of the books but having a change to sum the prices of the selected book would be my feature now. Anyway thank you all for all the work with Zotero.
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