Suggestion: open PDF in Zotero (e.g. from browser) adds PDF to 'my library'

Hi, apologies if this has been mooted&rejected before (had a quick search in the forum but didn't find anything)

One thing I've missed in the move to a WebExtension is the addition to Firefox's "opening" dialog that allowed you to directly save a PDF into Zotero instead of having to download and drag & drop (I'm aware that PDFs that are viewable in-browser can be added via toolbar button, I'm not talking about these ones).

It just occurred to me that you could get some of that functionality back by having Zotero desktop register itself as a PDF-handling application where opening the PDF meant adding it to the library. You could then choose 'open with Zotero' in that Firefox dialog instead to get something like the old functionality back (albeit with a few more clicks). You wouldn't use it as a default handler in explorer/finder obviously, just as an option for browser-saving. Endnote X8 can do this, for example, importing the PDF and querying for the metadata automatically.

Anyway, just a thought.
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