A quirk in name disambiguation?

edited October 17, 2017
Using the Glossa CSL style, I noticed Gardner being turned to "R. Gardner" in my in-text citations. I assumed I needed to clean up spurious first name differences, but they are all the same for the multiple citations I have of this author. It turns out to be triggered by another cited item: a book chapter by another author (Corrin) in a book edited by another Gardner (H. Gardner).

So: first name disambiguation appears to be triggered when a creator and an editor share a last name, even if the work by the latter editor is not directly cited but only in the form of a book chapter in their edited volume.

I don't think any bibliographic style would prescribe first name disambiguation in this case. Readers won't see the other Gardner cited in the text, and wouldn't even be able to find him in the bibliography. Switching to CMOS, it goes away, so is this controllable at style level?
  • This is clearly a bug as you describe it (given that CMoS and Glossa have the same disambiguation rule, they should work the same) but I can't replicate it. This is on the most recent Zotero 5? Can you put together a minimal working example? We'd want the citations that cause this -- tested in a fresh document with just those items -- as Zotero RDF export
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