Chicago Manual of Style citation styles updated to 17th edition

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In September 2017 the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) manual was released. In response, we just updated most CMoS CSL citation styles to the 17th edition format, including the three CMoS citation styles that are bundled with Zotero.

One of the most noticeable changes in the 17th edition is that the use of Ibid. is no longer recommended. However, we do offer two 17th edition style variants that still use Ibid. (see While Zotero users will be automatically updated to the 17th edition, 16th edition citation styles will remain available for manual installation for the foreseeable future.

See and for more detailed overviews of what has changed in the manual and our styles, respectively.
  • (and most of the actual work was done by @adamsmith, so kudos to him)
  • This is great. Thanks so much!
  • My college is telling me that Chicago Style 17th Ed (Full Note) that, after the first annotation in full footnote, that the abbreviated footnote should be AUTHOR, SHORT BOOK TITLE, PAGE. But Zotero is only showing the abbreviated footnote as AUTHOR, PAGE.

    Is there any way to make Zotero show the short title for the book in the abbreviated footnote?
  • Chicago 17 describes two different short forms:
    1. When a work is immediately re-cited (i.e. what used to be ibid), it calls for author, page.
    2. When a work is cited again later in the text, it calls for author, short title, page.

    Our implementation of Chicago 17 follows this rule precisely. You can find this described in detail in Chapter 14.34 of the Manual (gated)
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    @dstillman Thank you for the info. I will leave it as the 17th manual then.
    But, does this make sense to you?

    10. Sabapathy, "Intersecting Histories," 38.
    11. Sabapathy, "Intersecting Histories," 39.
    12. Sabapathy, "Intersecting Histories," 39.
  • No, they shouldn't have short titles if they're subsequent. What item type is that?
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    @adamsmith these are footnotes.
    I was just reading the Manual, and apparently this is how they suggest doing. So, I must remove the book title. Have to check why it is appearing.
    On section, "14: Notes and Bibliography; 14.34: Shortened citations versus “ibid”"

    1. Morrison, Beloved, 3.
    2. Morrison, 18.
    2. Ibid., 18.
    3. Morrison, 18.
    3. Ibid.
    4. Morrison, 24–26.
    4. Ibid., 24–26.
    5. Morrison, Song of Solomon, 401–2.
    6. Morrison, 433.
    6. Ibid., 433.
  • The question is what item types they are in Zotero.
  • Right -- the style shouldn't print short titles for footnotes that previously would have been ibid.
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    Greetings. In regards to this, I'm having trouble with the author-date style because the CMoS asks to just put the page number whenever you immediately re-cite a source. However, Zotero goes on to put the year also (I'm only able to take out the author's last name at source). I can manually take out the year, but when I refresh the sources the conflict begins, since Zotero wants to go back to the original citation (and puts the year back). Thanks
  • Yeah, we can't automate that, as the Manual wouldn't want you to just use the page number if the citation is, say, 3 paragraphs down.
    I just put the page number in parentheses manually in those cases, though I understand there are downsides to that.
  • Thank you. I didn't know "the Manual wouldn't want you to just use the page number if the citation is, say, 3 paragraphs down". Though I only have the 16th edition in PDF. I would say the 16th edition is kind of ambiguous in this matter. Will do as you tell me to...
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