ScienceDirect constant "redirecting" when access via DOI. Proxy issue?


I suspect that this is related to a proxy issue. When I enter a doi string at and it is for Elsevier/Science Direct the connection to the website doesn't complete. DOIs for other journal publishers will take me to the publisher website. If I use a browser that doesn't have a Zotero connector I can quickly connect to ScienceDirect. Please suggest how I should amend my settings to get the proxy to work properly.

The connector doesn't report errors so I can't send an error report. I did do a debug log and the number is above.

  • Try to disable Zotero Proxy redirection in the browser connector settings to verify it’s the issue. If that works, try to delete ScienceDirect from your proxy list and then re-add it.
  • Update: This has nothing related to Zotero. The problem exists even on a computer that does not have Zotero installed. Go to and enter a doi in the field. If it is an Elsevier journal the doi will not resolve to ScienceDirect. Including the doi in a url directly entered into the browser is successfully resolved to ScienceDirect.
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