Zotero+Firefox workflow

Hi guys,
I see that the plugin model has obviously changed. I actually like the browsers connecting to a centralized app for cross-browser utilization.

Now for the concerns. I see that the connector no longer responds to the cmd+shift+z shortcut that used to let me pop up a visible pane in Firefox. What's the equivalent workflow? I'm a single monitor mac user (laptop) and changing window focus perpetually is kind of annoying. Is there a way to see my zotero content directly from inside firefox, or has the connectors functionality been relegated to a nice button to press to download content to zotero?
  • With the Zotero app open, use the general Mac OS Cmd+Tab to switch between the browser and Zotero.

    If you want to have both the browser and Zotero visible at once, then resize the windows to do so. There are several Mac tools (e.g., BrtterTouchTool) to enable better window management (such as dragging windows to the edge of the screen to snap into place, ala Windows).
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