How to add 'Pages' field to entries of book type and other types if possible

Basically, I found an issue with Pandoc where each time I use it to convert markdown to docx, references in my bibliography (for books) will not contain locators (like pages or chapters cited). I put the locators when I cite, but they don't appear in the bibliography. However, I noticed that my journal article reference produces pages because in zotero, it contains a field called 'Pages'.
so the question is:
Whether it's possible to add the field to the book type as well as other types as well.
Is there something wrong with Pandoc or the way I add references to Zotero?
Thank you
  • What citation style are you using? Normally you give the work that you cite in the bibliography -- i.e. the book as a whole. For journal articles, page numbers are included because they're part of the work (describing where exactly you can find it in a given issue). Technically you can export pages to books in Zotero by using
    page: 123-145
    in the Extra field, but none of our citation styles (and thus pandoc's) are designed to include them for books so either they won't appear or they'll look off.
  • I am using APA style sheet and I got it from here:

    This is a quickstart guide for APA at my university:

    After looking at edited book and electronic book, the latter seems to not have the pages listed in references.

    Also, just found this: (if you can access any of the links of course)

    But it does show that the reference doesn't need any pages at all. Even if citation doens't have a page which I find it weird.

    Ok, so I will just have to bear in mind that I don't have to care for pages since the style (i.e. APA) doesn't allow them at all.
  • Note that chapter in an edited book is book section in Zotero and does have a page field. Defnitely no pages for books and electronic books.
    For good practice in APA style, you should aim to add page numbers to citations when referring to specific sections/pages.
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