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edited October 11, 2017
Hi! I'm having troubles installing the word plugin. I now have office 2016 for mac and I followed all the instructions (even the manually installing instructions, the Zotero.dot file is in the Word Startup folder and everything) but still the add is not visible in word. Can you please help me?
  • What specific version of Word (e.g., 15.38) and which operating system? If you double click on Zotero.dot or Zotero.dotm manually, does the Zotero tab/toolbar appear?
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    Hi, thank you for your answer.
    The specific version of Word is 15.12.3.
    If I double click on Zotero.dot it opens a new word document, but the Zotero toolbar doesn't appear.
  • Update Word to 15.38 -- older Word for Mac versions didn't behave properly with add-ons.
  • Thanks for your reply!
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