Attachment pane in the right Zotero 5 window

I am moving to Zotero from Sente 6 and used to have a pdf pane seen.
I understand that previous versions of Zotero had an option of opening a pdf pane in the right most window of the app (among Info/Notes/Tags/Related) and now it is gone.

Is there anyway to enable it?

  • no, that's a misunderstanding. Such a pane has never existed.
  • You can install this plugin which will enable the Mac Quicklook keyboard shortcut (space) in Zotero:
  • the attachment pane actually only ever showed icons for the attachements (which you then opened outside of Zotero) and as such was pretty pointless, which is why it was removed a long time ago.
  • I see, thank you.
    Is there a way to sort the entries to see which have pdfs attached and which do not?
  • you can sort by attachments (the paperclip icon), but not by PDF attachments, no. You can search for attachment item type -- is -- PDF in advanced search, though.
  • first one works, and the second one only works with -is-.
    however since my goal is to identify entries w/o pdfs, -is not- version of the advanced search does not seem to work. It not only pools the results of entries with other then pdfs attachments, but also results with entries with the only attachment present is pdf.
  • I think checking the Include parent&child item and show only top level item gets that to work.

    Otherwise you can create a saved search with "is" and then search on "is not" for that saved search.
  • Thank you for the advice!
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