Report ID: 1075850120 / Debug ID D1967793578 [Word crashed with white screen of death]

edited October 11, 2017

Word 2016 on Windows 10 has been randomly crashing during the last couple of week (white screen of death). The other plugins installed (but don't use) are DriveForOffice and Grammarly. This is the first time that Word crashed directly using Zotero, which caused Zotero to produce an error. You can examine the logs to see if they reveal anything. Typically Word crashes on a change of focus.

Steps that caused the issue:
1. Placed the cursor on an in-text citation.
2. From the Zotero tab in the ribbon, I clicked the Add/Edit Citation button
3. Word 2016 froze with a white screen. After a time of inactivity, I had to force-close Word from the task manager.
4. Following that, Zotero produced the error dialog box: Zotero experienced an error updating your document. The remote procedure call failed. [cursorInField:document.cpp]

Microsoft Word 16.0.84312046

Report ID: 1075850120
Debug ID: D1967793578

  • After reading in the forums about Word crashing for other users, it seems that large documents can cause an issue. My document is 90 pages long, and I have over 160 references in the bibliography (APA style). Adding or updating in-text citations take a bit of time, but they seem to process ok.
  • There is a fix for the Word 2016 crashing on the Zotero Beta channel. See this comment (and discussion for context).
  • To follow up on this issue, Word has not crashed since I installed the beta update. Before the update, Word would white-screen every couple of hours. So far, so good!
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