Moving collections

I have a bunch of collections and subcollections in My Library. I want to move them to a Group Library. But, the references are already in the Group Library (just not organized into collections/subcollections). I want to be able to transfer the collections organization without making a bunch of duplicates. Is that possible, or do I just need to recreate the folder structure in the Group Library using the references from there? I hope that makes sense...
  • The fastest way would be to drag the collections (making duplicates), then right-click on the Group Library, choose Show Duplicates, and merge the duplicates. Note that if you had previously dragged the items from My Library to the Group Library, you won't be able to drag them again.
  • The items in the group library -- were they created independently, or dragged from My Library intially? That affects the details of how this work. (I think bwiernik's solution applies to them being created independently)
  • I created them independently. Merging duplicates seems to make them messy, as then they have a bunch of stuff attached to them (maybe it is just my OCD, but when I click the arrow on a record that is the result of merging duplicates, it has a bunch of unnecessary stuff). Is there a way to just delete the oldest versions of duplicates, and do to it in bulk - since I will get lots of duplicates dragging over hundreds of references?
  • No, sorry. But you can always delete duplicate attachments manually after merging if they bother you.
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