File share of a groupe

We are a group of scientist using Zotero. We share a group of entries but we would store our files on our internal laboratory server. How to do this ? We have differents solutions WebDav server, ftp server, seafile cloud storage but we can't find a way to do so and not be limitated by zotero storage capacity. Is there some solutions to this ?
Many thanks for Zotero solution and its help for scientists and science.
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    Zotero Groups currently cannot use WebDAV or local file links due to technical limitations. The main option for group files is Zotero File Storage. Files only count against the storage quota of the group owner (not all group members).

    You could also store your files on an ftp server and attach them to Zotero as Links to URIs (with an ftp address).

    In general, as an avid Zotero user working with many groups, I would recommend Zotero File Storage. It is the easiest to set up and maintain. The price is relatively low and comparable to other cloud providers. Storage plans max out at 120 USD for unlimited storage.
  • We would prefer a local storage possibility in our institution. Anyhow a few questions about zotero storage, what about storage of documents in case we do not maintain payment of the storage plan and also what about access to the documents ?
  • I’m not sure what your second question is? Can you elaborate?
  • I am in the same situation. I have found no good solution. Cloud storage is out of the question due to intellectual property concerns. Is there a way to setup a local repository or something similar to zotero online but accessing on local resources (local server)?
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