Web-page saves only on Google Chrome

Hi, Our IT department has installed Chrome on one of our student computers to test their access to Zotero. We are using the latest version of Chrome and the Zotero extension is listed as installed. We do still have Zotero 4 Stand Alone on the computer. However, we are not getting full usability. When I attempt to download a citation and pdf, it downloads only as a web page, not as an article. Any ideas on what is blocking our full usability of Zotero 4? Do we need to find a different connector?
  • we'd need a sample URL to you're trying this on.
  • I tried this with several articles from library databases, including Project Muse and a Proquest Database.
  • We'd still want URLs exactly as you see them.
  • OK, I will reproduce the searches and add them.
  • (or search strings and databases if there are session-specific URLs)
  • I searched via our library's Summon discovery tool, clicked on one of the search results, opened the pdf at the journal site, and clicked on the Zotero page icon. I did not get the usual list of possible ways of downloading the citation. I only got "Save to Zotero (pdf) and the following URL (which is probably session-specific).


    The pop up window said the same thing but listed the DOI. All that appears in Zotero is a web page citation. I have a screenshot of the downloaded citation. Please let me know how to insert an image here if you can use it.

    When I went back to the record in ScienceDirect and clicked on the Zotero icon (now a page), the full citation and pdf downloaded.

    I then searched ERIC on Proquest and clicked on a search result. I opened the pdf of the article. When I clicked on the Zotero icon (showed as a pdf) , I got only the option"Save to Zotero (Proquest)." This time the full citation downloaded but the pdf did not. The only info in the records field was the URL. URL was: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s10639-016-9488-7.pdf

    When I backed up a step and clicked on the Zotero page icon from the record only at SpringerLink, Zotero worked correctly and downloaded both the full citation and the article. That url is http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0099133305001898

    So... it is working from the records page but not from the open pdf. On my own office computer and personal laptop, I can download to Zotero from either the record or the pdf. Any ideas?

  • Saving from the PDF page has never been terribly reliable -- it works for some pages, but only where we have gotten to specifically address it (and I don't think that's even possible for Sciencedirect, i.e. your first link). The regular place to save from has always been the item/abstract page and what you are seeing is the same I get here, i.e. regular behavior.

    For Proquest, Zotero only downloads the PDF when it's in Proquest, i.e. something like this:
    not when it's accessible through a third-party site such as the article you point to, i.e. https://search.proquest.com/eric/docview/1895972895/8AA292687ED14B42PQ/1

    Are you saying that this work on those exact examples on your other computer? I don't have Zotero 4 available, but that'd be quite odd.
  • Interesting. Thanks -- I will double check but yes, I have been downloading from the PDFs themselves. I will direct students to downloading from the item/abstract page.
  • as I say -- some PDF views will work, others won't.
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