Zotero connector compatible with firefox 56?

I'm looking at upgrading* to Zotero 5.0, which would require downloading the standalone and the new Zotero connector for firefox. I am currently running firefox version 56.0, which Firefox tells me is the up to date version.

On the zotero downloads page ( https://www.zotero.org/download/ ), the Zotero connector download side has the warning:
"It looks like you’re using an outdated version of Firefox. Please install Firefox 52 or later to use the Zotero Connector."

Does Zotero not recognize firefox 56 yet? Or is there another problem that's just giving me an inaccurate warning, like needing to have already installed Zotero standalone?

Thank you.

* As an aside, the main reason I'm looking to upgrade is that my current version of Zotero in firefox interrupts me frequently with a "Processing updated data from sync server" popup that's becoming somewhat annoying.
  • Zotero works with Firefox at least through 57 (and likely beyond). Either you're mistaken about your browser version of Zotero for some reason misidentifies your browser version. Go ahead and install and it should just work. If it doesn't, recheck your Firefox version.
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    Thank you for the response.

    The about page of my firefox says "56.0 (32-bit)." I don't have any unusual browser addons installed that might mask my version from the site, and I get the same message after disabling my addons.

    Unfortuantely I can't download Zotero connector; the warning text is in place of a download/install link.

    Here's what I see; screencap also shows my firefox version: https://i.imgur.com/718lNcl.png
  • Yeah, so you have a weird alternative build of Firefox ("Funnelcake Onboarding"), and from the logs it looks like it's self-identifying as Firefox 50. You should reinstall the current version of Firefox.
  • Weird. Will try, thanks.
  • Reinstalled firefox from the website, appears to be a more "normal" version. Still have the same issue: https://i.imgur.com/BNgmSSC.png

  • You can see your current user agent here: http://useragentstring.com/

    It's possible there's still something in your profile causing it to use the older string, so you'll have to debug that until that says you're using Firefox 56.
  • Thanks! It appears the problem was the privacy.resistFingerprinting setting in my about:config. Resetting that to "false" allowed my useragent to update correctly on the linked site and allows downloading of zotero connector.
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