Feature resquest: keyboard shorcuts and additional features in context menu

I would be great to have the shorcut ctrl+space to remove the format (in zotero.jar/resource/tinymce/tiny_mce.js around line 16502)

ed.addShortcut('ctrl+32', 'remove formatter', 'RemoveFormat'); // 32=space

Other shorcuts that could be great :
ed.addShortcut('ctrl+t', 'indent_desc', 'indent');
ed.addShortcut('ctrl+shift+32', 'outdent_desc', 'outdent');
ed.addShortcut('ctrl+110', 'upper script', 'superscript');

Also, the new context menu is a good add-on but I find that the features added in the context menu are not very useful* (we could easily use shortcuts for most of them or for those who don't know the shortcuts, the button are in the task bar). Instead (or next to the already existing one), it would be great to have access to features that we don't have, like "get select item link of the opened note" (zotero://select/items/0_AAAAAAAA) - this would be really useful to link note especially when they are open in "separate window".

Anyway, thanks for your time and your work!

*I understand that this maybe a personal preference not widely shared
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