Error on startup Stand alone 5.0, Windows 7

edited October 18, 2017
Report ID: 218135501

Upon starting up, the main pane takes time to load and then is blank with an error message recommending, I believe, to restart the application.

Thank you for your consideration.
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    (That's Zotero 5.0, not Zotero 4.0.)

    Can you use the "Restart with Logging Enabled" option in Help -> Debug Output Logging, restart and let the error occur, and then submit the output and provide the Debug ID?
  • Debug ID: D212573453

    In case helpful, FYI, I restarted after I received the above error. Zotero worked fine after restart. I then used Zotero for some work. Then I received your message from yesterday and restarted with logging enabled. The Debug ID here comes from this last restart. Zotero works fine after this last restart. Thank you for checking this out.

    (Sorry about forgetting about the new Zotero version number!)
  • Same error. Looks like it happens infrequently. Here is the Report ID: 577659630. Debug ID: D131028047. Thank you.
  • Again, but longer after start-up of Zotero stand alone. report ID. 602740211
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