Firefox compatibility for Zotero 4.0

edited October 2, 2017
I am supporting Zotero at our University and recently I get quite a lot of support requests from people that find their Zotero for Firefox is not working any more - I guess this happens after they update their browser and loose compatibility.
But while for some people their Library seems to "disappear", others tell me they still can use Zotero 4.0.29 _after_ upgrading their browser - and others tell me Zotero "upgraded itself".

But sometimes Zotero 4.x still seems to work even after upgrading FF:
One Example:
OS: Win 7
FF: 56.0 (32-bit)
Zotero for FF: 4.29.23
Zotero SA: 4.0.28

In the Addon-Page of FF it says that the Zotero-Addons are outdated, but Zotero for FF is still working in this combination.
What is the Criteria that determines whether Zotero FF "breaks" after upgrading FF?

  • Zotero 4 for Firefox should just work in Firefox 56. If it disappears, that's either because people are using a non-default setting to disable legacy add-ons or because they've performed a Firefox refresh.

    Zotero 4 will no longer work on Firefox 57 (so a third possible reason for it breaking would be if people are on the beta release channel, which is always one version ahead).
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