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I'm not pretty sure where or how to look for the the information related, so, please sorry me if it is already solved ...

Is a way to add or change some values on the field options "page, book, chapter ...///... volume, verse"?

I'm a lawyer (spaniard), and for my PHD I need to refer some specific clauses in my work (in spanish "clause" = "artículo", short "art.") and that way I can't use "note" nor "paragraph" or "section" (witch I use also, in other circunstancies).

Could anyone help me please, telling me how can I modify this little and simple point of an EXCELLENT (maybe the best) tool as is Zotero?

Thanks in advance
  • You mean to refer to an article as a locator when citing an item (by entering it in the page/etc. field in the Add Citation window in the word processor), correct?

    If so, you could modify the style you are using to hack one of the types of locators you don’t need (e.g., “sub verbo”) and replace it with article. But it would probably be easier to just use the Suffix field and type “art.” Manually. Let me know if you want more instructions on modifying the style to hack it.
  • Thanks for the advice ... it is exactly I need to achieve my goal.

    And yes ... please tell me how to change it, love to learn new skills.

    If after your explanation I'm not capable to change it all ... I will use the suffix field (I did not think on that ... thanks).

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    Add something like this to the style after </info>:
    <locale xml:lang="es">
    <term name="sub-verbo" form="long">
    <term name="sub-verbo" form="short">

    (If it already an "es" locale, add these <term ... > parts to it.)

    Then, change the style title and ID at the top of the style, save it, and install into Zotero.

    To refer to an article in your paper then, select the "Sub Verbo" locator from the dropdown.
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    uff ... seems that you are one of the contributors ... B.M Wiernik!!!
    it is an honor to speak with you.

    well, the apa.csl modified results in:

    it is ok?

    sorry, I can post it directly here ... I don know how to, without the webpage take the codes ...

  • For APA in English that should work. Did you try?
    (remember to change the style ID and title and bwiernik says: has details)

    And posting code to pastebin is fine.
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    Okay, in this case, you need to change:
    <locale xml:lang="en">

    <locale xml:lang="es">

    That line says which languages to apply the terms for. As written, it will only apply it to English. The change will make it apply to Spanish.

    You will also want to delete the lines for the editortranslator and translator terms.

    (To post code on these forums, wrap it in <code> </code> tags.)
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