Sharing library with individuals

I take it there's no way to share your library with only a limited number of users instead of with everyone in the world.

Use case: I'm working with students to get them started on Zotero and need to check their libraries. I think this means they have to make them public, which they might otherwise not want to do.

Do I have it right?
  • I would recommend you do this using Zotero groups. After you’ve checked their library, they could always copy the items to their personal My Library if they wish.
  • Well, I want to make sure they're using their libraries, and doing it right, so the best thing for me (I think) is to actually look at their libraries.
  • I teach Zotero a lot. I’ve found the best system is to work with a student in a shared group library. That way I can make examples, show them how to make corrections, add items I think they should look at, etc. Once they are up and running, I leave the group and show them how to drag the items to My Library if hey prefer to have them there versus kept in the Group library. I’ve found this system works really well and smoothly.

    To answer your initial question, it’s not possible to share My Library selectively (this is what Group Libraries were built for).
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