ACM export missing abstracts

I'm trying to import the results of a search I did on ACM Guide to computing literature. However, when I export to either of the useful formats (bibtex or endnote) I have all the abstracts fields left empty. I was wondering if it was a problem with the zotero import but it seems that the abstract is actually missing from the source file!
How can this be? there are no options for the export in ACM that include the abstract so that my zotetro items get populated with that as well at time of import?
It is strange because ACM DL does have abstracts in its metadata and I can read them from the search query results page....
I guess I'm not the first encountering this problem as ACM is quite a popular library in the CS domain

AMC and Zotero experts out there please help me :)

  • You should generally not use bibtex/ris export. Using the Save to Zotero icon ( on ACM e.g. works for me
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    Yep I figured that out reading some other thread here in the forum. However how can the abstract be missing from an export function???? All the other big databases I've used have this feature (or at least they let you enable it as an option): e.g. PubMed, IEEEXplore, Scopus, WoS etc etc

    Your solution works but it's still kind of a PITA to save results page by page... and no, I wasn't able to find the option to have more than 20 results listed in the same page :(

    Not the best if the result list is large enough
  • you'd have to ask them -- obviously has nothing to do with Zotero.
  • I agree, I was assuming I was using it in the wrong way and maybe some other zotero users were able to help.

    Thanks for your help though. I'll go with the page-by-page approach. That works as expected
  • No, it's just not there and we found no systematic way of getting it. Zotero scrapes the abstract from the webpage.
  • Hi, I'm having the same problem - except that using the save to zotero icon / page by page approach does not work for me. The abstracts are still not being exported. Any suggestions?
  • Which browser, which URL(s)?
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