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I'm exporting from Endnote and importing into Zotero. When I import books, in addition to the PDF being underneath the reference I have a folder that says Accession Number. I went into Endnote to export styles and removed that line, but it still exports it. Do I really need Accession Number and have to see that extra folder under each book ref? Is there a way to make it not export from Endnote or not Important into Zotero?

  • by folder presumably you mean a note? What exactly does it say?
  • Accession Number: 2012-11872-020. Partial author list: First Author & Affiliation: Assor, Avi; Educational and School Psychology Program, Ben Gurion University, Be'er-Sheva, Israel. Release Date: 20120924. Publication Type: Book (0200). Format Covered: Print. Document Type: Chapter. Book Type: Handbook/Manual. ISBN: 978-1-4614-2017-0, Hardcover; 978-1-4614-2018-7, PDF. Language: English. Major Descriptor: Choice Behavior; Independence (Personality); Schools; Students. Minor Descriptor: Goals; Values. Classification: Academic Learning & Achievement (3550). Population: Human (10). Intended Audience: Psychology: Professional & Research (PS). References Available: Y. Page Count: 19.
    Sponsor: Israel Science Foundation, Israel; Recipients: No recipient indicated
    Sponsor: US-Israel Binational Science Foundation; Recipients: No recipient indicated
    Sponsor: Israel Education Ministry, Israel; Recipients: No recipient indicated
  • This looks like the whole thing is part of a note stored in Endnote -- the corresponding RIS tag would be N1 if you want to delete it.

    Alternatively, you can just do an advanced search for
    Note -- Contains -- Accession Number

    Create a saved search, then select all (ctrl+a/cmd+a) -- note that only the notes will be selected -- and then delete them with shift+delete
  • Thanks - deleted N1 did the trick.
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