Is it possible to show Author, year and journal name in the Related section?

I am using the standalone app as of now and when I link papers to each other under the Related section, it displays just the name of the article. I would rather have the author, year and journal information as this is how I generally track research papers. Is this possible?

  • Thanks for pointing this out, Arushi. I, too, find the current UI lacking. A column selector for Related items, as implemented in the middle Zotero pane, would be helpful.
  • A column in the middle is unlikely, as an item can have many related items. It would be very difficult to provide a useful column display in such a circumstance (and it's unclear how behaviors such as sorting should function in such a circumstance).
  • Thanks for the quick response, bwiernik.

    Here are quick mock-ups of what I imagine for the Related items tab.

    Current -

    Proposed -
  • Yes, something like that is certainly possible (though likely not before Zotero migrates to a new development platform in a forthcoming version). What is unlikely would be to list related items in the center pane, as that type of information doesn't really fit alongside title, authors, volume, publication, etc.
  • I agree that the current display of Related items (title only) is not very useful.

    Users can select which fields appear when adding Related items in Zotero v5.0.80 (click tab: Related > Add > column selector tab in upper right corner of table > move columns to desired locations and select sort order).

    The simple solution would seem to be to use this information to determine how to display Related items. A horizontal scroll bar might be useful to allow users to see what doesn't fit in the small space available.
  • I also agree that a column with the title would be helpful. I am using Zotero for a group project, and it is more difficult to quickly sort articles by author (as opposed to Mendeley, which has columns for date of publication and author)
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    @r_klabacka: I think this is a misunderstanding. This thread is about the Related tab in the right-hand pane. As far as I know Mendeley has no similar feature — its "Related Documents" feature is something completely different. You can certainly sort by author and date, and many other columns, in the Zotero items list.
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