request for permission to create wiki pages

  • e.g. what will "Better BibTeX" be in French?
    It will be "Better BibTeX". But Better BibTeX isn't mentioned in the documentation — a better example would be the name of a Zotero function, like "Store Copy of File" (e.g., here). That becomes "Stocker la copie du fichier" instead of the actual "Stocker une copie du fichier", which obviously isn't ideal but probably isn't going to cause confusion. And from our perspective as the ones providing support (including for people who post here in French), we'd much rather people use machine translation with the benefit of the additional eight months of editing on that page, including an animated screenshot and edits meant to clear up common sources of confusion with that function.

    We can provide a ZIP of the raw wiki text for specific languages for anyone who wants it. Email us at to request. We may want to coordinate that with removal of the pages so that additional edits aren't lost.
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