Error Report ID : 1139674803 - Word for Mac no longer selects existing citation in Zotero when updat

Hi, I am editing a Word document on my mac and I have copied and pasted some quotes from another word doc which used Zotero. The quotes appear fine in the new document and they do show-up in the library generated by Zotero for the document.

However, when I click on any Zotero quote in the word doc, and click on the edit button, for example to remove the author or add a page number, Zotero provides me with a blank (new quote) dialog instead of the original quote's document and details being selected in the dialog.

Expected: I was expecting the original quoted document and its details, e.g. page number to be already filled in the dialog as it has always been the case...

What's going on?
  • that's using the classic view? In that case that's a known issue. It's not the case for the regular edit citation dialog as far as we're aware.
  • Yep, I forgot to specify that I am using the classic view. I'll switch to the other view for now. Thanks.

    Any idea when the classic view will be fixed?
  • This is fixed in Zotero 5.0.21, available now via Help -> Check for Updates.
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