How do I get rid of pubmed entries so I can read my pdfs in Papership?

When downloading articles from PNAS, Zotero saves a Pubmed snapshot and this throws off Papership so that I cannot read the pdf on my iPad. How can I fix this? I cannot seem to delete the Pubmed entry in the Zotero item for the paper. My only work around so far is to make a separate Zotero entry to associate with the pdf.
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    1) You can just delete the pubmed entry (since they're all named the same, you can also search for them and bulk delete them using a saved search). How have you tried deleting them?
    2) I wonder if we should still save the PM entry (which isn't a snapshot, just a link), given that we are saving the PMID in the extra field @dstillman @zuphilip thoughts? (Example: )
  • @adamsmith I would still save a snapshot/link to PubMed when the translator is called at the PubMed website directly, but everywhere else it should be enough to save the PMID in the extra (or perspectively in a separate field, which then can provide some linking features as the doi field).
  • Yes, agree with that -- also with the idea that as soon as we have a PMID field we can use that to link.
  • I have tried to delete them from the specific items. I remember that working in the more distant past, but in the past week or so it seems I cannot. I have tried deleting by highlighting the PubMed entry within the item, and then hitting the delete key. Nothing happens. I have also tried going to the Edit menu when it is highlighted. Deleting does not seem to be an option when I do that.

    I am not following you on how I could do the bulk delete. Could you give a bit more detailed instructions?

  • One item: right-click --> Move item to Trash or shift+delete (modifier key might be different on Mac)

    All items:
    Advanced Search
    match all
    Attachment File Type -- is -- Web Page
    Title -- is -- PubMed entry

    --> Save Search

    Then go to the saved search at the bottom of the left-hand panel, select all (ctrl+a / cmd+a). Note that only the linked pubmed entries are selected. Delete using shift+delete or right-click --> move item to trash
  • Thanks--that did the trick!
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