some minor issues in Zotero 5

I experience some issues after upgrading to Zotero 5:

1 - In duplicate items: Only if sorted by Date Added I cannot see an attachment by clicking ">" sign, instead it jumps to the duplicate entries. If I then sort on Creator, everything looks fine: I can open and compare the attachments of the duplicates by clicking ">".

2 - In the right pane, by default the full abstract is shown, thus hiding the items below the abstract. This is somewhat annoying, can that be changed back to Zotero 4 style or be made a user setting?

3 - In Zutilo I dedicated "shift+T" to open a tag, so I can immediately type my tag text in there. After upgrade my "shift+T" only jumps to the tag tab. So I still need my mouse for tag entries
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    1) Items open for me, though the view does jump around a bit trying to fit both duplicate items into the window at once.

    2) Abstract persists with your last used setting, so you can just collapse the abstract and it will show as collapsed on subsequent items.

    3) This looks like a bug in Zutilo. You should report it on the Zutilo GitHub page. For now, you can still add tags without the mouse with Shit+T, Tab, Tab, Enter
  • 1 - I can reproduce it with every duplicate.. impossible to view attachment as stated..
    2 - thanks
    3 - thanks, I did. under: Keyboard shortcut does not work #71. A reaction: "Confirmed. Some of the Zotero internals must have changed."
  • 1 - still an issue
    3 - is fixed by Zutilo
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