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Is anyone working with InDesign? Any tips?
  • Haven't used it, but InDesign should be able to import word processor files with Zotero-generated bibliographies. You should also be able to use the QuickCopy features to paste formatted citations into InDesign. AFAIK, InDesign has no standard method to embed bibliographic data, etc. So I doubt you'd get anything richer in the near future.
  • And so it does. Thank you.
  • My Zotero RTF bibliography output is assigned a paragraph name for no reason I can see. Any idea what's up with this?
  • How are you generating the RTF? And how does the question relate to this thread? (e.g. is this a word processor/InDesign question, rather than a Zotero question?)
  • The RTF is generated by Zotero's "Generate Bibliography from Collection" command. For some reason, InDesign (CS3) picks my "Table Caption" paragraph style as a default, instead of the current paragraph type, "[Basic Paragraph]", or offering me the option to map the paragraph style to something useful.
  • Zotero begins RTF export with '\pard', which means "don't inherit the formatting of the previous paragraph" & includes various paragraph formatting commands. You could edit the RTF or use quick-copy (which wouldn't be impacted by this) or use either of the word processor plugins. You might also be able to use HTML as an intermediate format with different results.
  • Thanks. Apparently InDesign CS3 (CS4 may be different) is confused by '\pard'. OK, thanks.
  • Taking the zotero to indesign idea a bit further, I wrote a Zotero to Indesign "workflow" to be able to cite in Indesign very similar to Latex (using the \cite{author1998} syntax).

    Export from zotero to an XML file using my modification of the MOD exporter, then run a script in indesign to import that file and automatically create the references. A formattable reference list is automatically created. The \cite... in the text is replaced by a reference that also is hyperlinked to the item in the reference list.

    For anybody who is interested... some javascript knowledge might be necessary to make it work on your machine (I never tested it anywhere but on my machine). For Indesign CS6 (should run on lower versions, but some modifications might be necessary). Get it from github:

  • @koi - do you mind if I add this to the plugin page?
    (I realize this isn't a plugin, but that's where we link to all extensions and similar scripts).
  • @adamsmith
    sure, go ahead. it is meant more as an inspiration for other indesign users, than an actual "product", but I'm glad if it helps somebody.
  • added - thanks
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