Save to Zotero (webpage with snapshot) downloads Facebook button snapshots


When I'm on a webpage and want to have a snapshot of it, I usually hold-click the Zotero icon in Safari - Save to Zotero (webpage with snapshot), which effectively downloads a snapshot of the page, but also a bunch of un wanted elements, such as snapshots of twitter or Facebook buttons. This is quite annoying, because I have to remove everything by hand afterwards.

In the preferences, if I click the option " Automatically take snapshots..." this works fine and only downloads the actual page.

Why do I obtain different results with the two approaches ?

The reason I don't want to click the option in the preferences is because I don't want to download the snapshot of a journal page, as it's useless if you download the pdf.

Would it be possible to implement an option that only downloads a snapshot if it doesn't download the pdf ? I guess that would make sense for most users.


  • Could you provide an URL where you see different behaviour depending on whether you go via the dialogue or by using the snapshot option?

    Do you have Zotero running while saving and does the connector report Zotero as available in the preferences?
  • Hi and thanks for the reply,

    you can try here:

    yes Zotero is running in both cases, and Zotero is available in Safari preferences.
  • So i'm not entirely sure about the steps that you are taking that produce differing results. One of them is right-clicking and saving with snapshot. And the other is checking the "automatically save snapshots" and saving with the Newsnet/Tamedia translator? Is that right? I'm getting identical snapshots by doing this, including twitter buttons and the likes.
  • Hi,

    ok, weird that you have the same result with both methods.

    For me, right-clicking (or ctrl click on mac, or click and hold) results in having all snapshots (the page + Facebook and twitter etc.) downloaded.

    In the other option, I just check the option "automatically save snapshots" in Zotero preferences, and then click (normally) on the Newsnet / Tamedia translator (small newspaper icon), which results in having only the page snapshot.
  • Oh right. I know what you are talking about. We are aware of this bug and will publish a fix in a few days.
  • Ok thanks ! Sorry if I was not clear enough the first time!
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